Enough Is Enough, We Need a March On Washington


October 9, 2013 by liebestropfchen

Watching the news the past few days, I have grown increasingly angered by the childish ways of our elected officials in Washington.  It reminds me of a little dramatic scene Grandma taught me and my siblings growing up:

Mean Landlord: “You MUST pay the rent!”

Damsel in Distress: “But I CAN’T pay the rent!”

Landlord: “But you MUST pay the rent!”

Damsel: “But I CAN’T pay the rent!”

Dapper Man swoops in: “I’LL pay the rent!”

Damsel: “My hero!” *swoon*

I kind of feel like this is what we see playing out before our eyes. 

Mean Speaker of the House: “Talk to me first, then we will reopen the government!” 

The President in Distress: “But you must reopen the government first, then we will talk!”

Speaker: “Talk to me first then we will reopen!” 

President: “But you must reopen first, then we will talk!”


Obviously, at some point the Dapper Man is going to step in like a hero and say “I’LL re-open the government!”  And you know who that hero is?  The American people.

We need to march on Washington.  We need to be heard.  I am angry, and everyone I know is angry.  We come from all different sides – Republicans, Democrats, Independents, Christians, agnostics, atheists, gay, straight, young and old.  WE.  ARE.  PISSED. 

Regardless what side we are on, who we think is right, and who is to blame for what, someone needs to reopen the government, and it may as well be the people who elected these yahoos into office.  We put them there to represent us.  They aren’t representing anyone but their own interests. 

All we have seen the past 10 days is politicians running to every media source to tell their side of the story, point their finger at someone else, try to cover their sorry ass, and opine on whether the next missed deadline will destroy us or just be another glorious day in the neighborhood.  They think we are stupid.

All that has done is make a public display of how childish these people are, talking through the media to each other rather than sitting down and working it out. 

It’s like having an argument over email.  Someone leaves a word out, someone else reads it the wrong way, the “tone” of the email is misunderstood, someone replies with a snooty remark, then that pisses someone else off, and the next reply is even snootier, until all you have are a bunch of pissed off people. 

You know what my boss would tell me (a hard-working American) if I took that kind of approach in an disagreement about one of my projects?  She would say, “STOP THE EMAILS, PICK UP THE FUCKING PHONE, AND TALK TO EACH OTHER!”

If these people we elected aren’t smart enough to stop the antics and talk directly to each other, then we must be the bigger people.  It’s time we put on our walkin’ shoes, march our asses to Washington and remind these people who they’re hurting.  Americans deserve better than this bullshit.  


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