These People Be Clownin’!!

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September 30, 2013 by liebestropfchen

Completely ridiculous douchebaggery.

What kinds of politicians will jeopardize the paychecks of American workers and active military men & women to avoid paying for a bill which was legitimately passed in both houses of congress and upheld by the Supreme Court, whilst saying they can’t possibly give up their own paycheck???


I’m extremely pissed off about this. The next three congressional elections, I am voting third party. I encourage everyone reading to do the same. And tell everyone you know to do it as well.

Get these clowns out of Washington and let them know punching American citizens in the gut when they don’t like the outcome of a congressional vote (42 times, nonetheless!!!!) is not acceptable behavior. We pay them too damn much to act like fucking babies.

We deserve better.

Our country was founded on better principles than these assholes portray.

Vote for a third party, write in your own name…vote for a freaking plant, I don’t care. Just get these children out of office so they can earn a paycheck by doing normal work rather than wasting our money clowning around.


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