Monthly Archives: March 2013

  1. Why I Support Gay Marriage


    March 28, 2013 by liebestropfchen

    So let’s be real here…discussion of homosexuality is everywhere right now. Which I think is wonderful! Why? Because I have …
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  2. Oh, the Stupid Things I Do…


    March 22, 2013 by liebestropfchen

    Growing up as a nerd in the 1980’s was a lot tougher than it is for kids today. Now it …
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  3. How Did I Ever Learn To Cook?


    March 21, 2013 by liebestropfchen

    I am re-posting this previous story, since I have had a good amount of new readers join in the past …
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  4. Facebook Is Inevitably Going to Make Me Look Dumb


    March 12, 2013 by liebestropfchen

    “A group of researchers from the University of Cambridge say that by using publicly available Facebook Likes alone they can …
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  5. Why I Cannot Go Out in Public Without Makeup


    March 11, 2013 by liebestropfchen

    Anyone remember YM (Young & Modern) magazine? I used to love that mag when I was in my early teens. …
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  6. The Perils of Being A Germaphobe


    March 7, 2013 by liebestropfchen

    Yesterday I was enjoying a peaceful day working from home, curled up in front of the fireplace, when I got …
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  7. How Did I Ever Learn To Cook?

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    March 5, 2013 by liebestropfchen

    I’m still puzzled some days how I survived the first 28 years of my life before I learned how to …
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