I’m Going to Tell My Boss I Have Affluenza – Maybe She Will Give Me a Raise

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December 18, 2013 by liebestropfchen

A week from now, it will be Christmas Day.  Presents, presents, and MORE PRESENTS!!! 

I did a healthy dose of my Christmas shopping early, but I also decided to make a good portion of my presents this year.  Sure, I’m trying to save a bit of money but I also wanted to show my appreciation for family and friends by giving them something that took more effort than just a click of the mouse on Amazon.com.

I am reminded of the story my grandma told me shortly before she died, about the Christmas she remembers most from her childhood.  Her father was a teacher and farmer, her mother a homemaker.  Grandma was one of seven children looking forward to Christmas morning and opening up their presents, but the family really could not afford much of anything. 

My great-grandparents gifted each of their children an orange for Christmas that year. 

I was a bit puzzled at first, but she explained citrus fruits in the 1930’s were very expensive and considered nearly a delicacy.  She realized how much her parents had sacrificed to give them each such a rare treat, despite how far a cry it was from the latest gadget in the toy store. 

Humbled by her story, I now realize how much I am beginning to despise the über-commercialization of our holiday celebrations. 

So, this year I am kicking off my objective of giving more meaningful gifts.  Each year I’m hoping I can move closer to my ultimate goal – that every gift will be handmade.  I’m so grateful Grandma shared that story with me, because it will forever stay with me as a reminder the greatest lessons in life are taught through love, and not by money.

To those suffering with affluenza – may you receive an orange in your stocking rather than diamond shoes.


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