I Just Used the Vending Machine as a Coin Star


May 15, 2013 by liebestropfchen

I don’t know if anyone else out there agrees, but I HATE carrying change in my purse. It weighs me down. I’ve got enough stuff in that gigantic bag on my shoulder to carry – wallet, daily planner, lipstick, band aids, neosporin, five bottles of nail polish, my birth certificate, feminine products, an extra pair of socks, file folders with ideas from Pinterest, a change of shoes, snacks, and last year’s tax returns. Little coins with dead presidents on them are a little too much to ask.

This morning I had the most amazing experience. Deciding to use some of the (literally) bag of change from my purse, I used the vending machine to buy a bottle of water. Unbeknownst to me, my fleeting disappointment seeing the words “Sold Out” was about to turn to absolute joy, when I hit the coin return button and OUT popped a dollar bill!!!! By golly, this vending machine was smart enough to exchange my piddly nickels and dimes for a crisp Washington mug shot!

You can guess what I did for the next two hours at work. If you’re thinking I took my bag of change to the vending machine…well, you’d be wrong. I mean who does that? That’s a little ridiculous, so I had to be more discreet. I organized my change into little “dollar piles” while I was on phone calls at my desk, and a few at a time I took those piles of change to the vending machine, plopped those suckers in and BAM got my dollar!

Twelve dollar bills later, this girl is happy to have discovered that my employer has a Coin Star in disguise. Well done, friend.


2 thoughts on “I Just Used the Vending Machine as a Coin Star

  1. Mr. Su says:

    my girl loves change in her purse, I asked why and she replied that she likes the weight, although I reckon she prefers to use notes instead and can’t be bothered to go trough all that in the queue…

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