As Ohio Goes, So Goes the Country


March 15, 2016 by liebestropfchen

In my last post, I described the real struggle I was facing as a first-time “undecided” voter. I was unsure whether I should cast my vote in the Ohio primary race for my candidate of choice, Bernie Sanders, or for the candidate I believed had the best chance of winning my swing state, John Kasich.

After much thought, I had faith that my fellow swing state voters were feeling the effects of the recent Trumpster fires of last weekend’s Chicago protests. With Kasich picking up a lot of ground in the polls this week, I took my chances “Feelin’ the Bern” today and felt comfortable that Ohioans as a whole would ultimately squeeze out a Kasich win.

And if that didn’t come to fruition, I figured Trump has already delivered himself as the turd in the delegates’ punchbowl, and I would have no regrets about the opportunity to vote for Bernie in my home state.

Oh boy, did Kasich win! I anticipated there were other Democrats like myself who were so fiercely anti-Trump that they would have sacrificed their Bernielove to keep Trump from being awarded the precious prize of the Buckeye state.  But I (and everyone in the media) seriously underestimated how many of us there are.

One thing is true about swing state voters – we take our politics seriously, and we won’t shy away from using a little game theory make our point.

I’ll be honest, Ohio Democrats have some major problems with John Kasich. He has defunded Planned Parenthood, he privatized prisons, he has made some egregious comments about teacher’s unions, and he has shifted major funding away from public schools and into charter schools (further hindering low-income public schools from gaining necessary tools for students to succeed). That being said, Democrats were willing to look beyond Kasich’s (otherwise polarizing) shortcomings to cast a vote in his favor simply to keep Donald Trump from being awarded the 66 Ohio delegates in the primary race. Why?

Because Ohio values issues over rhetoric. Ohio needs solutions more than slogans. Ohio jobs turn on faith, not on fear.

This state is comprised of white, black, Asian, Muslim, Hispanic, Native American, Jewish, young, old, wealthy, jobless, middle class, poor, vacationers, homeless, snowbirds, athletes, veterans, retirees, artists, college students, doctors, lawyers, cancer researchers, IT gurus, factory workers, and any other possible facet of the nation you could imagine. Ohio is a microcosm of our country, and we know how to live, work, study, and worship with each other in harmony.

A majority of Ohioans spoke loudly with our ballots today.  We could not bear the thought of turning our delegates to a man like Donald Trump, who has based his campaign on the”us versus them” mentality. We would rather be led by a man who has shortcomings, who has done things with which we fundamentally disagree, and has at times caused anger on very important issues, but is humble enough to lead by example in the age of negative media and divisiveness.

John Kasich understands that Ohioans can agree to be divided by issues, but we find it absolutely unacceptable to be divided by race, gender, religion, and income.  Donald Trump was not able to fool Ohio voters into believing his lie that “no one was hurt” during any of his rallies – I believe that was the last straw for us. We saw video of a reporter thrown down by secret service, we heard audio of another reporter grabbed by his campaign manager, and we saw video of a protester being throat-punched by one of his supporters. No one was hurt? We don’t take that shit lightly, Trump.

Let me remind you, you’re dealing with Browns fans in Ohio. We are always looking for the next savior to bring us all the way to the Superbowl, but due to our consistent record of letdowns, our bullshit monitor is set on hyperdrive. One false move, and we have no problem showing you the exit.

Donald Trump found out the hard way. I am glad John Kasich got to show him how we do things in Ohio.



One thought on “As Ohio Goes, So Goes the Country

  1. Don Ostertag says:

    The swing state swung and hit Trump right on the jaw. Not a KO but it toned his hate rhetoric down a notch.

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