We’re All Getting Thrown Over the Cliff

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November 9, 2012 by liebestropfchen

The election is over, tears of joy or anger have been wiped away, the confetti has been swept up, and reality has returned to the forefront. Task #1 for President Obama in his second term is to deliver in a major way on his ability to bring differing sides together to discuss options to fix heavy problems in our economy.

The so-called “fiscal cliff”, pertaining to the expiration of Dubya’s tax cuts and some pre-determined spending cuts that will automatically trigger in January, has the potential to serve as a significant blow to the bruised economy we have. Poor timing, for sure, but this serves as a beautiful opportunity for politicians to sit around a table and play politics, bitch and moan about getting what they want, and ultimately punish the American citizens.

Disagreements can be had on what spending cuts should be made, or who should pay higher taxes, just as these Washington jackasses claim as their daily ritual. The difference is, you and I would actually be able to have a serious debate about what money should be spent on so we can do what is best to bring our economy back to a state of normalcy. Let’s be honest, these politicians don’t care about making a decision for the better of the country, they care only about making a decision that won’t hurt them with their constituents in the next election.

Our society is so focused on wanting a politician who will vote line-item Republican or Democrat, that each elected official is merely trying to avoid pissing off the voters they depend on to keep in office! This will be the driving force behind these “fiscal cliff” discussions – Republicans have so much vile hatred for Obama, they will refuse to agree to anything that involves tax increases on the wealthy (out of “principle”, they say) because they would love nothing more than to have this economy stay recessed. A bad economy is bad for Democrats in the next election.

Is this really punishing Obama? Hell no. This only punishes the citizens. John Boehner’s simple solution to this issue is, “Raising tax rates is unacceptable.” That is admirable in principle. Practical application of this, however, means Boehner is holding the entire American population by the neck, over the edge of that proverbial cliff, saying “You Democrats better give in, or else we will have another recession!”

*scratching head* I could have sworn the definition of “compromise” was a settlement of differences by mutual concession. Mutual concession does not mean “I ain’t budging, change your ways fool!” That is just the behavior of a bully. We can all predict what will happen in the next election – Boehner will pat himself on the back and say “LOOK! I stood up to Obama! YAY for me!”

No misunderstanding, Democrats aren’t innocent either. Already, Obama is being urged to stand his ground and take no prisoners in these negotiations. But why is it necessary for Obama to exhaust so much of his talent for smoothing emotions just to get these yahoos to actually accomplish something? Has the presidency been marginalized to the point that he is a glorified mediator for crybabies who can’t function if their snacktime cookie had one less chocolate chip than the other guy’s?

Something has got to give, and this incessant game of “my dick is bigger than yours” is absolutely no way to truly fix this country’s problems. If we could elect politicians who didn’t vote for the Party, but rather voted along with the ebb and flow of reality, perhaps we would have fewer of these predicaments.

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