Personal vs. Corporate

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November 8, 2012 by liebestropfchen

McDonald’s revealed today that their monthly sales fell 1.8% in October, which was the first negative growth the company has seen in nine years. Nine years! Such prolonged growth for a corporation with nary a healthy option on the menu is frightening at best.  America has an issue with obesity, and McDonald’s is one example of a contributing factor.  Yet, I find myself wondering…is McDonald’s a symptom of the obesity problem, or the root cause?

When fast food chains began to sprinkle their fried and fatty goodness all over the nation, and later the world, they were billed as a convenient option for an alternative to long hours in the kitchen for moms.  Convenience and variety are pretty good selling points, right? On the same token as TV dinners, fast food (at the time) didn’t seem to be too damaging to the waistlines of our nation, because most households would not consider fast food meals to be the norm, but rather the exception.  Today’s world is much different, and fast food has become less of an exception.

To consider McDonald’s to be a symptom of our obesity problem, we would be admitting our country has become too busy or lazy to believe a home-cooked meal prepared with un-processed foods and fresh vegetables should be a staple of our meal plans. This excessively busy or lazy lifestyle has provided McDonald’s a great deal of business, simply because they are there when we drive between work and soccer practice, or the lights are still on at 2am when we have that late night craving in the middle of Halo Reach tournament.

On the contrary, could we say McDonald’s is the root cause of what has created our lazy or über-busy lifestyle, in that they provide us so much convenience that we have freed up our cooking time with other things?  Insert cliche chicken-or-egg question here.

I don’t know what the real answer is.  What I do know is that we are seeing more than just obesity due to overconsumption of fast food. I’ll have the diabetes, cancer, and hypertension, with a side of heart disease, please!

Oh, but it tastes so good….

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